Thursday, December 31, 2009

Andrew WK Corporate Creation Controversy

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I’m more disturbed by the idea of music fans being freaked out by the idea of Andrew WK possibly being a character played by numerous people, than the idea of actors possibly playing Andrew WK.

First off I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories or anything else that is not based on fact. So throw the theories out the window. I’ve heard everything from Dave Grohl being Andrew WK to Steve Mike being WK. Well maybe, just maybe, Andrew WK is actually Kurt Cobain who after faking his suicide underwent plastic surgery and resurfaced years later to tell America to party hard after the towers fell in New York. Who gives a fuck?

Seriously, I don’t even care for Andrew WK that much, but I can tell you that if this truly was constructed out of a post- 9/11 demented corporate entertainment whore of a company; then kudos to them for blindsiding everyone after all these years.

People quickly forget that music is entertainment first and foremost. Fans create personal connections with the artist and create “romantic” ideas of the artists’ personalities in their heads- the so-called celebrity. 10 out of 10 times these celebrities are NEVER how you imagine them. Because perception of celebrity is based out of Hollywood fantasies and never on the only thing that matters- FACTS. Director Kevin Smith responded to a question recently on twitter as to why he had never worked with Bill Murray, he said- “Never meet your idols”. Couldn’t agree more, sir.

In a world of horrible corporations whose ends need only be higher profits no matter what the cost, then why are people so outraged that the above formula wouldn’t include musical acts? Major labels are traded on Wall Street are they not?

If it is true that Andrew WK is a corporate creation, then this is the closest the major record companies have come to over-taking the various underground music scenes. The lessons learned from Nirvana may have been applied & successfully executed on an unexpecting, susceptible post 9/11 public. If this is all bullshit then Andrew WK has just stirred enough interest to guarantee him Andy Kauffman/ Tony Clifton status for the rest of time. Either way it's excellent marketing.

By the way you know what the major difference between the Sex Pistols and the Ramones is? The Ramones weren't started by an marketing investor- .

About the author: Chuck Livid is the owner of Livid Records based out of Boca Raton, Fl. Chuck’s been involved in the South Florida music scene since 1994.

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